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Your Property Match
Bryce O'Connor - Managing Director
p | 0405 192 399
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m | PO Box 575, Clayfield, QLD, 4011
Your Property Match
Brooke Kafer - Director
p | 0400 938 508
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m | PO Box 4334, Robina Town Centre, Robina, QLD, 4230
The team at Your Property Match adopt a full circle approach. We will help you consider all options and assist in every step, making sure that the property you select is right for you. With the help of our independant partners, we will provide a number of key processes free of charge to assist you in making the right choice at the right time, these processes include:


1. A free independent finance health check 

2. A free independent consultation on tax minimisation 

3. A free independent consultation on SMSF 

4. Free assistance with property selection

5. Free mortgage analysis and finance application service

6. A free depreciation schedule with every purchase

7. Service you can rely on and a team a dedicated as you are to making a succesful choice



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